Kopitar is Kings’ Captain

…at least, according to Darryl, from lakingsinsider.com:

On Anze Kopitar’s play over the last month:
Hey, him and Jonathan set the template for our team in terms of leadership and what’s going on. It’s those two guys who carry the weight, and he’s on pace for his normal regular season. His numbers, he’s going to be, what, around 25 and 50 in terms of goals and assists, and that’s what his career has been. That’s spectacular for most players. For him, that’s normal. … You know what? Our team, the top players are also the captains, so it goes hand-in-hand. It’s a lot of responsibility for Kopi, but that’s good responsibility and it’s good pressure. I trust him on and off the ice, so you expect him to be a top guy in both those areas. He’s a top player on the ice and he’s our captain.

Quick becomes all-time American shutout leader

With the Kings 5-0 shutout of defending Stanley Cup Champion, Chicago Blackhawks, Kings’ goalie Jonathan Quick passed John Vanbiesbrouck and Frank Brimsek for the most all-time shutouts for US-born goalies.

More Classic Darryl Sutter quotes from LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter, on the impetus of adjusting the team’s lines and pairings yesterday: …you’re trying to just find little different things to keep the guys energized or to keep ‘em motivated or two or three guys that minutes changed because they weren’t deserving of more. Pretty clear. I mean, it’s not so much the opponent , it’s a back-to-back, and you’re trying to get a little bit more out of guys, and we wanted to get Andy back in. Hey, these guys that are going in and out of the lineup, we need ‘em to do something to not make it an easy decision. Take ‘em out, let em just do something to say, ‘Jeez, I’m in.’ That’s an ongoing thing, and that’s part of the competition of it…

On several Kings not having played playoff games yet:
They haven’t. It’s true…

On last night, that third period, being close to a playoff game: If what everybody said is correct, just based on our division, Anaheim was the runaway winner to win the Stanley Cup this year. Not just win the division, win the Stanley Cup.

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