Dodgers Kicking Tires on Cueto, Leake

According to Fan Sided, the Dodgers have not just expressed interest in Cueto, but they have in fact “touched base” with the veteran pitcher as well. That same report also indicates that the Dodgers have reached out to Mike Leake. Leake is a pretty good pitcher who is only 28 years old. He won’t give you the same quality innings that Cueto will, but he certainly won’t cost as much either. has more

There’s nothing the Los Angeles Dodgers can – and won’t – do

“The Los Angeles Dodgers have expectations so high that they won three National League West titles in a row – and fired their manager anyway.”

Yardbarker Thinks The Dodgers Should Go After Jason Heyward

“Yes, Jason Heyward. He’s my top free-agent target for the Dodgers — even ahead of guys like Greinke, David Price and Johnny Cueto. Heyward is a difference-making player who would help stabilize the Dodger outfield. Let’s take a deeper look at him.

The first thing that should stand out is his age. He turned 26 in August. Guys who are entering their age-26 seasons don’t hit the open market with regularity — especially those who are as good as Heyward is. He’s coming off a 6-win season (the second of his career) and has been worth more than 4.5 wins per season in his young career.

Secondly, he’s an elite defender. He’s the best right fielder in baseball by a wide margin…”

It, also, would have the added bonus of taking someone off the Cardinals roster.

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