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Darryl Sutter, on the impetus of adjusting the team’s lines and pairings yesterday: …you’re trying to just find little different things to keep the guys energized or to keep ‘em motivated or two or three guys that minutes changed because they weren’t deserving of more. Pretty clear. I mean, it’s not so much the opponent , it’s a back-to-back, and you’re trying to get a little bit more out of guys, and we wanted to get Andy back in. Hey, these guys that are going in and out of the lineup, we need ‘em to do something to not make it an easy decision. Take ‘em out, let em just do something to say, ‘Jeez, I’m in.’ That’s an ongoing thing, and that’s part of the competition of it…

On several Kings not having played playoff games yet:
They haven’t. It’s true…

On last night, that third period, being close to a playoff game: If what everybody said is correct, just based on our division, Anaheim was the runaway winner to win the Stanley Cup this year. Not just win the division, win the Stanley Cup. has more

Darryl Sutter on 1 goal games


“It’s no deep, dark story that you’re trying to write. I mean, one-goal games, if you only base it on last year, why don’t you go the year before, or the year before that? Most games are one-goal games. Take out an empty net, take out an overtime.”

On Last Year

“Well, we played very well last year, too. It was one of the best records in the history of the organization, and the difference between right now and last year at this time would be overtimes. They were one-goal games, too… Last year we didn’t make the playoffs. We had 96 points.”

Yeah, he’s right. Last year’s team did tie for 7th most, with 95 points (not 96) and 40 wins. Those 74-75 & 90-91 teams did have killer regular seasons though, over 100 pts in 80 games, with over +80 goal differentials! Too bad they didn’t bring home any cups.

Season Team GP W L T OTL Pts G Diff GF GA
1974–75 1974–75 80 42 17 21 — 105 +84 269 185
1990–91 1990–91 80 46 24 10 — 102 +86 340 254
2009–10 2009–10 82 46 27 — 9 101 +22 241 219
2013-14 2013-14 82 46 28 — 8 100 +32 206 174
1980–81 1980–81 80 43 24 13 — 99 +47 337 290
2010–11 2010–11 82 46 30 — 6 98 +21 219 198
2011–12 2011–12 82 40 27 — 15 95 +15 194 179
2014–15 2014–15 82 40 27 — 15 95 +15 220 205
2001–02 2001–02 82 40 27 11 4 95 +24 214 190

Darryl Sutter on last year: “I know firsthand we didn’t make the playoffs last year. We had a hell of a year. If we’d have made the playoffs and won the Stanley Cup, then we’d have all these guys who can’t wait to spit on you, say that they were the difference, the reason you won it. [laughs] Think I’ve been down the road, eh? I don’t even like talking about it.”

Say what? Even for a “Sutterism”, that one is hard to follow.

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