MLB Draft 2016: Five teams with the best pitching prospects

“With Julio Urias already getting a taste of the big leagues, you’d think the Dodgers prospects would diminish. In short, no. Skipping Urias — who should be back up by season’s end — the Dodgers still have Jose De Leon, Grant Holmes, and Frankie Montas in the top 100 by Baseball Prospectus adds Yadier Alvarez but omits Montas.

Urias and De Leon are known as the best righty-lefty combo of prospects in all of baseball. Like Urias, De Leon could make it to the majors this year. Montas could be in that boat too, though the Dodgers would have to find a spot. Perhaps as a reliever when roster expand in September.

As for Holmes, Montas, and Alvarez, those three are the longer-view prospects for the team. At 23 years old, Montas is the most senior of the three, but he could be held back a bit longer due to some injury issues…”

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